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Los Angeles based recording artist, Christina Lyon, is a singer-songwriter and musician. Her gift is writing catchy melodies with honest lyrics that have listeners singing along before realizing the depth and vulnerability of her words.

Her deep passion for music began as a child and blossomed into her youth. By age 15, Christina fronted a Fender Museum Kids Rock Free band in Corona, CA, opening for some of her greatest musical influences including Etta James and Bo Diddley. 

Encouraged to front a band with her older brother, guitarist, and actor, Greg Hill, her bond with music deepened and at 19, she and her band Yenn relocated to the indie music mecca of Portland, OR. 

Four years later, and rebounding from personal events that threw her life and musical aspirations into the cosmos, Christina was back in California licking her wounds. Her medicine? Music. 

After persevering through the fire of her own inner struggles, she poured her heart over her piano. The result is a powerful and promising debut EP that artfully combines upbeat melodies with unvarnished lyrics that articulate the struggle to find purpose and worth in pursuit of dreams.

Drawing influence from heroines with similar tales including Carole King, Amy Winehouse, and Aretha Franklin, her debut EP, Eden is a lyrical, melodic testimony combining ear-worm catchiness with dynamic musicianship. 

Eden explores themes of nature, the human experience, female empowerment, internal struggles, and diehard hope. The ocean and birth are characters delicately woven throughout the album as allegories of both struggle and solace.

No matter the depths Eden explores, there's always a message of hope. A marina provides shelter from an impending storm, passion supersedes hunger, companionship soothes the grey cloud of depression. With Christina and her moving debut, you gain a friend and advocate.

"Eden is my love letter to any and every warrior fighting inner battles. It's a place to go when you need a friend, a sanctuary without judgment or protocol. It is Eden for the dreamers. And something that--if all else fails--you can sing along to." 

Eden will be released on all major streaming platforms as a series of singles. The debut track, Soul's On Fire, will be released on December 6, 2019.

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